Monthly Archives: June 2017

Seized Friendly Market money returned.

We had a big day today during our meeting with Wagner & Lynch in McAlester this morning. From Wagner & Lynch Facebook page: Always good to see Robert and Stephen Tyler Holman when they make the trek to McAlester to visit. It’s just a little more special when we get to deliver checks representing the […]

The process now begins to recover merchandise seized during raids

Even though we have been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing and various juries through the criminal prosecution have confirmed our assertion that a glass pipe alone, in and of itself, does not constitute illegal drug paraphernalia, we still face challenges regaining our property. Below are some excerpts from coverage over this matter and what lies […]

DA drops remaining criminal cases against Friendly Market

On Monday we received some very good news. For the first time in nearly two years, no one at the Friendly Market is facing criminal charges. This is a monumental burden lifted and we are very grateful to Greg Mashburn for the wisdom and discernment he has shown with this decision. For more details on […]

The Oklahoman – Prosecutor in Norman: Cost of prosecuting glass pipe case “worth it”

Thank you to our friends Brianna Bailey and The Oklahoman for your excellent continued coverage of our story. Here is an excerpt below, for the full article click here: NORMAN — Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said his office has spent just $114.24 to prosecute drug paraphernalia cases stemming from a store that sold […]

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