A terrifically normal Norman guys account of his Cannabis Physicians recommendation visit in Edmond.

We have been so busy around here at Friendly getting things ready with our new OKC location and preparing for the upcoming conversion to a dispensary that we had almost forgotten about applying for our own personal medical cards.

Luckily my dad had a great trip up to Tulsa where he had a chance to catch up with Chip Paul and Co. — who provided him with a recommendation for a clinic in Edmond called Natural Remedy MD.

I was fortunate to be able to get one of the two appointments that he set with Dr. Amanda River’s office yesterday afternoon. After going through the process and successfully obtaining my Physicians Recommendation to become a Cannabis patient, I decided to publish an account of my experience as a useful exercise for anyone interested in understanding the steps to becoming a medical cannabis patient.

In this short blog post, I’m going to provide a broad stroke outline of the process and each step of becoming a medical cannabis patient — hopefully it will provide insight to those looking to do the same and remove any of the murkiness for those still on the fence about whether it is worth it to them.

Note: This process outline is specific to the clinic we visited in Edmond and each clinic may have their unique workflow or practice nuances that may differ from our experience with them outlined below.


For this step, we simply phoned the clinic and set our appointment. We were able to get in within a few short days. However, we have been hearing stories from people that some clinics are getting booked out for weeks, so getting your appointment going now will be helpful.


When we arrived at the clinic we checked in with the helpful gentleman working the front desk. He asked us to fill out some patient paperwork and forms consisting of a short intake questionnaire focused on determining why the patient is seeking out medical cannabis. Once we had our forms filled out and we paid the $50 fee for the assessment, we waited for a few short minutes before being greeted by Dr. River who walked us into a small medical office room.

During the assessment, the Dr. asked questions about why I was wanting to use Cannabis as a therapy. This primarily consisted of her asking me about how the symptoms I was seeking to remedy impacted my life on a daily basis and examples thereof. Once she had given me a chance to ask any questions and gone through the assessment to determine if I was a good candidate for this treatment option, it was time for the Doctor to decide my fate; was I a tweaker with the paint can stain around my mouth just looking for another fix? Or was I a deserving patient with legitimate medical needs for cannabis?


Fortunately for me, based on the assessment Dr. River determined that I was a good candidate for Cannabis therapy. It was now at this point in the process that I was given the option to receive my official Physician Recommendation Form which is what the OMMA requires before they can process your application.  Needless to say, we decided to take a leaf of faith and went forward with the recommendation process. For this, the clinic charged $200 which included a year of follow up care and made us a bonafide patient of Natural Remedy MD of Oklahoma. They encouraged us to call on them with any questions about our treatment plan, strains, seeds, stems, sticks and whatever we might have questions about.

Once we had paid the fee and finished the final paperwork the help desk printed off our official recommendation form and went over the final step: the process of applying on the OMMA website system.


With our Physicians Recommendation Form in hand, we had only a few small steps to take before we could complete our application process which consists of assembling scanned document and feeding them into the intake form wizard at OMMA.OK.GOV asking for the following info:

  1. General Information – Name, Address, etc
  2. Proof of Oklahoma Residency – We used front and back of OK Driver License, but it can be other documents check the OMMA website for details.
  3. Proof of Identity – We used the license but this can be many other documents as well.
  4. Physicians Recommendation Form – this was a scan of the doc we go from Dr. River.
  5. Payment of $100.


And that was it, 4 easy, almost painless steps and now we sit back and patiently wait for our patient cards to arrive in the mail.

Hopefully, this helps folks out there understand how easy it is to become a medical cannabis patient – and if you are looking for a good recommendation we definitely think you should reach out to our friends over at Natural Remedy MD of Oklahoma.

Overall it really was not that much of a hassle and only cost a total of $350, we hope if you have not already you will join us in the newest medical cannabis program in the country!





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