The Oklahoman: Oklahoma store fights in court for Norman police to return glass pipes

by Brianna Bailey   

Here is an excerpt below from the story, with the full story found here:

A closed Norman store’s battle with law enforcement over whether glass pipes are drug paraphernalia has now reached the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

A court referee, who heard arguments Wednesday on whether the justices should hear the case, is expected to issue a recommendation in September.

Members of the public said they were asked to leave the referee’s chambers. A small group of supporters of the store waited in a hallway as the closed hearing took place.

Robert Cox, owner of The Friendly Market, has been trying to get police to return hundreds of glass pipes and other store inventory valued at $15,000 seized during two raids in 2015.

Cox said he hopes to resume sales and reopen the business. He has already started looking for a location in downtown Norman.

“These items are being sold all over the state,” Cox said Wednesday. “Norman is the only place you can’t have these items for some reason. We have a legitimate right to them and we should be selling them today.”

Thank you to Brianna Bailey and The Oklahoman for your continued coverage of our story and legal battle with the Cleveland County DA. More info to come as we have it.

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