We live to serve our customers.

Whether you are looking for cool decor for your home like tapestries, fun art and posters or you are looking for the latest and greatest smoking accessories on the market, we have everything you need right here!

Robert Cox
CEO / Founder

Robert started The Friendly Market on 10-04-14 as a mission of peace and friendliness, to be a light of inspiration and wisdom for the benefit of his local community.

Stephen Tyler Holman
General Manager

Stephen is responsible for the day to day operations, management of the shop and ensuring that we really are the friendliest shop in town.

Cody Franklin
Glass Specialist

Cody is our resident glass Aficionado who his always ready to give you a most excellent answer to any question you may have.

Max Walters
Customer Service

Max is our customer service generalist who can be found helping clientele in both the retail shop and the glass room.